Into the Wild

“He wasn’t antisocial — he always had friends, and everybody liked him — but he could go off and entertain himself for hours. He didn’t seem to need toys or friends. He could be alone without being lonely.”
Into the Wild, p. 107
By Jon Krakauer
Published 1996

Beatrice and Virgil

“Colonialism is a terrible bane for a people upon whom it is imposed, but a blessing for a language. English’s drive to exploit the new and the alien, its zeal in robbing words from other languages, its incapability to feel qualms over the matter, its museum-size overabundance of vocabulary, its shoulder-shrug approach to spelling, its don’t-worry-be-happy concern for grammar – the result was a language whose colour and wealth Henry loved.”
Beatrice and Virgil, p. 23
By Yann Martel
Published 2010