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Cheers to the folks at Out of Print for including a tote bag in their Library Collection. Out of Print is an apparel company that celebrates literature in the form of t-shirts, tote bags, and much more. Other ventures I’ve seen of this sort always come off either corny or pretentious, but Out of Print somehow pulls it off really well. Most of their products feature classic book covers that are now, well, out of print.
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Currently Reading: Landline

I’ve begun reading Rainbow Rowell’s Landline, which hit bookstands today. It is my second Rowell book since the ubiquitous Eleanor & Park, and this time she is talking to the adults in the room.
Maybe it is because I am fresh off of The Collective, but Landline seems to lack big ideas; the story is very domestic. The characters only think and talk about the things that litter their own lives, so as readers we are stuck in the details of their daily grind. Perhaps such realism hits too close to home? But the story does involve a magical yellow rotary phone, hence the title, so maybe it will steer the story towards more intriguing territory.
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Post-Reading: The Collective


The Collective by Don Lee is a sweeping flashback. The story begins with Joshua Yoon deliberately stepping into the path of a speeding car, killing its two passengers and himself. The narrator, Eric Cho, then leads us through the events leading up to Joshua’s death, beginning with their meeting as freshmen at Macalester College. Despite knowing where the story leads, the plot is full of unexpected turns, remarkably down to the very last paragraph. You arrive at the final chapter, you learn how the pieces fall for all of the characters, and then that last paragraph adds a moving detail that makes your imagination run a few more laps.
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