Alamo Square

I made three New Year’s resolutions this year: eat less pizza (an inevitable fail), eat less chips (a so-so success), and visit the city more often (a resounding success). San Francisco is a 30-minute train ride from Berkeley, both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge are visible just blocks from my apartment, yet for the better part of 2014, I did not make the trek into the city often. But then 2015 arrived and invited change, and San Francisco has been a delightful addition to my life ever since. Trips into the city now make me feel undeservedly accomplished, as if each is a story in New Year’s resolution success. They have included lounging at Alamo Park, coffee at Sightglass, 2 AM gin and pizza in the Marina, the Redwood Grove at Golden Gate Park, a night of ramen and Intersellar, and another night of spaghetti squash and Finding Vivian Maier, all of which have contributed to a general excitement for what is to come between me and the city.
P.S. It is so fun to discover that many of you are Jane Austen devotees. I am a novice, so I take every recommendation to heart. Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, and Emma are on the list.
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  1. My sister and I visited San Francisco the year before last and absolutely adored it. I often think back to the fun times we had – strolling the city streets, the amazing vegetarian food, the lovely people. We even stumbled upon a free concert in Golden Gate Park with Emmylou Harris and Martha Wainwright. It was such a great trip and San Francisco is now one of my favourite cities.

    My favourite Jane Austen book is Sense and Sensibility. Ang Lee’s film adaptation – with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson – is pretty awesome as well.

    xx Hannah

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