Men Explain Things to Me

“Feminism is an endeavor to change something very old, widespread, and deeply rooted in many, perhaps most, cultures around the world, innumerable institutions, and most households on Earth — and in our minds, where it all begins and ends.”

“Pandora’s Box and the Volunteer Police Force” from Men Explain Things to Me, p. 140
By Rebecca Solnit
Published 2014
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  1. I am such a feminist (taking after my mum) but still being in school I find that I don’t go a day where I don’t hear a sexiist comment. The boys at my school know that what they are saying is offensive but they don’t mean it and they certainly don’t say it to anyodys faces. Their not bullying anyone but I just hope one day they will find something else that makes them amused because if they grow up thinking that what they are saying is okay (even if they don’t actually mean it) then go knows…

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