So Long, See You Tomorrow

“When I got home from school I did what I had always done, which was to read, curled up in the window seat in the library or lying flat on my back on the floor with my feet in a chair, in the darkest corner I could find. The house was full of places to read that fitted me like a glove, and I read the same books over and over. Children tend to derive comfort and support from the totally familiar – an umbrella stand, a glass ashtray backed with brightly colored cigar bands, the fire tongs, anything. With the help of these and other commonplace objects – with the help also of the two big elm trees that shaded the house from the heat of the sun, and the trumpet vine by the back door, and the white lilac bush by the dining-room window, and the comfortable wicker porch furniture and the porch swing that contributed its creak .

So Long, See You Tomorrow, p. 9–10
By William Maxwell
Published 1980
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  1. I completely forgot about this book; it has been so long since I read it. I knew even when I was reading it that I was not yet really capable of appreciating it (I was like 17). It is such a short little book. Maybe I’ll add this to my re-read list. <3

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