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We found this church in Trout Lake, WA on a Sunday, well after the apparent 10:00 AM service. If I had grown up in a town that was host to a church this cute, I might of actually walked inside, and who knows what would have happened. So it goes. See The Poisonwood Bible.
The Poisonwood Bible is a book that I too-often reference. The evangelical Price family travels from the U.S. state of Georgia to the Congo in the name of missionary work. The Reverend Nathan Price is a stubborn religious zealot who faces a village of people with their own unique and complex beliefs, who have no reason or desire to believe anything he preaches. At one point in the book, it is the middle of summer, but the Reverend declares it Easter Sunday in hopes of launching a mass baptism. Everyone in the village refuses. He becomes obsessed with baptizing, giving passionate sermons on its merits, to no avail. In fact, the villagers become disturbed and angry by the Reverend’s insistence. We soon learn that the surrounding water is overrun with crocodiles. One young girl was even killed by a crocodile a few months before the Price family’s arrival, so the villagers avoid the water.
There are many memorable mini-plots like the one above in the book. Cheers!

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The Poisonwood Bible

“According to my Baptist Sunday-school teachers, a child is denied entrance to heaven merely for being born in the Congo rather than, say, north Georgia, where she could attend church regularly. This was a sticking point in my own little lame march to salvation: admission to heaven is gained by the luck of the draw.”

The Poisonwood Bible, p. 171
By Barbara Kingsolver
Published 1998
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