Between the World and Me

“The pursuit of knowing was freedom to me, the right to declare your own curiosities and follow them through all manner of books. I was made for the library, not the classroom. The classroom was a jail of other people’s interests. The library was open, unending, free.”

Between the World and Me, p. 48
By Ta-Nehisi Coates
Published 2015

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The Girl Who Slept with God

“They passed the sugar beet factory and then a sign advertising the college.
‘Is that where your father works?’
She nodded. ‘He teaches astronomy.’
‘Oh, the stars.’ Mrs. Kleinfelter said this as if she were saying the word God.”

The Girl Who Slept with God, p. 131
By Val Brelinski
Published 2015

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A Master Plan for Rescue

“I can see the spot where my father placed me the day he shot the picture for the code-o-graph, wanting nothing but the wide, blue sky behind me. Wanting me to look as if I could be anywhere. The Texas plains. The Canadian wilderness. The far horizon of Death Valley. Places I have never gone.”

A Master Plan for Rescue, p. 319
By Janis Cooke Newman
Published 2015 by Riverhead
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A Complicated Kindness

“It was the first time in my life that I had been aware of my own existence. It was the first time in my life I had realized that I was alive. And if I was alive, then I could die, and I mean forever. Forever dead. Not heaven, not eternal life on some other plane…just darkness, curtain, scene. Permanently. And that was the key to my new religion, I figured. That’s why life was so fucking great. I want that day back. I want to be nine again and be told, Nomi: someday you’ll be gone, you’ll be dust, and then even less than dust. Nothing. There’s no other place to be. This world is good enough for you because it has to be. Go ahead and love it.”

A Complicated Kindness, p. 209
By Miriam Toews
Published 2004
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