Tell the Wolves I’m Home

“When I was in the city, I always had the feeling that everyone could see right through me. Like all the real city people could see immediately that I was from the suburbs. No matter what I wore or how cool I tried to look, I could tell that Westchester was written all over me, head to toe. But not when I was with Finn. Finn was like a ticket into being a real city person. He had a glow that covered me in authentic city light.”
Tell the Wolves I’m Home, p. 204
By Carol Rifka Brunt
Published 2012

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  1. This definitely resonates with me. I’m a lonely person and I love big cities, despite being born and raised in a small town. I’ve always found big cities to be the best places to be alone. People don’t have time to talk to strangers, and anyway, now that I think about it, I’m always scared someone is going to find out I’m not from there, and I always put a lot of effort into sounding and looking urban. Quite silly, isn’t it?

    I really want to check out this book since your “currently reading” post about it. Thank you for being such a great source of recommendations!

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