The Glass Castle

β€œHe hated all the people who lived in air-conditioned houses with the windows permanently sealed, and drove air-conditioned cars to nine-to-five jobs in air-conditioned office building that he said were little more than gussied-up prisons. Just the sight of those people on their way to work made him feel hemmed in and itchy. He began complaining that we were all getting too soft, too dependent on creature comforts, and that we were losing touch with the natural order of the world.”
The Glass Castle, p. 106
By Jeannette Walls
Published 2005
  • Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  • Beautiful I love your findings ….little gems inside another gems.

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    All too true. Nicely written.

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    As you are what you eat, you are where you work

  • Beautiful words! Looking forward to more! ;D

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