The Interestings

“This was a time of life, she understood, in which you might not know what you were, but that was all right. You judged people not on their success ― almost no one they knew was successful at age twenty-two, and no one had a nice apartment, owned anything of value, dressed in expensive clothes, or had any interest in making money ― but on their appeal. The time period between the ages of, roughly, twenty to thirty was often amazingly fertile. Great work might get done during this ten-year slice of time. Just out of college, they were gearing up, ambitious not in a calculating way, but simply eager, not yet tired.”

The Interestings, p. 59
By Meg Wolitzer
Published 2013
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  1. yup I like that line or paragraph from the book, it reminded of my own twenties – still reading the book, but I’m a very slow reader.


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