Headed to Portland

I’ll be in Portland for Memorial Day weekend. Microbreweries, coffee shops and cafés and caffès, artisan everything, and charitable footwear like TOMS (see above, worn with socks to perfect old man chic). The life-span of TOMS seems to be very short, no? At some point before coming to that conclusion, I bought a pair that was an old TOMS X The Row collaboration, which only made me feel guilty afterward. It feels a bit unsettling that a company that puts shoes on the feet of impoverished children also sells $150 shoes made of Italian wool and lamb leather. Then again, TOMS has obviously done a lot more for shoeless children than I have, so maybe I shouldn’t be so cynical. Anyways. On to Portland!
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  1. You should be cynical! I had a friend who went to the Philippians and found the locals selling TOMS for cheap while poor children ran around without shoes…. Nothing is a perfect model.

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