St. Mary’s Square

St. Mary’s Square sounds far grander than it is, which is a patch of grass and a few trees on top of a parking structure in San Francisco. It is a self-described “petite urban haven,” a rhetorical flourish that reminds us of the deceiving power of words. Admittedly, it did offer a space to quickly enjoy a sushirrito (a sushi+burrito concoction) before resuming the day’s adventures, which suggests the entire point. I love that we plant ourselves in the city only to crave nature, so that even a hint of green satisfies.
I am amazed that April has passed and we are one week into May; does time pick up speed as the year progresses? Will I feel summer before the feeling is gone? I have this suspicion that I will wake up to September in what will feel like tomorrow and think, I missed it. Does acknowledging this prevent it from happening? I promise to report back.

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  1. My second semester of college definitely passed by a lot faster than my first semester! I think I agree with Amina about time picking up speed as life progresses. I read a blog post this week about how we should stop waiting for things, i.e. stop waiting for classes to be over, then for exams to be over, then for school to be over, because if you keep doing that, you miss everything that’s happening right now and time just flies right by you. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. Beautifully said. The speed of time sometimes makes me frightened. The second hand on the clock moves so fast, I can’t look at it. It seems to be in constant hurry and I think it is the most unfair thing in the whole universe! 🙂

  3. This is beautifully written, really.
    I very much hope acknowledging it will at least slow it down, make you stop once in a while and see.
    Have a lovely (and wonderfully slow) summer!

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